*Sleep Disorder – Michelle’s Can Trace Can Sleep!
After 10 years of what the doctors thought was a sleep disorder Michele brought her son Trace to see Cynthia. One session, about an hour, has given Trace, and the family, restful nights sleep for a year and counting!


*Test Anxiety – Test Scores Improved!
Anna brought in her kids to work with Cynthia in hypnosis to help them with tests, and then she got some hypnosis as well!


*Job Saved!
Jayne has some turbulence at work, but after listening toThe Golden Bubble and The Door Transformation her dilema was solved!!


*Dentist – No more fear of the dentist!
Cris wasn’t really fond of the dentist, now she’s smooth sailn”!


*Mid-Life Issues – Jim’s life is back on track!
Jim was 59, trying to change his life and business, and after his session with Cynthia everything – snap! – fell into place!


*The Power of Hypnosis and The 10 Ways!
Dawn tells us why the combination of hypnosis and The 10 Ways book has such a tremendous impact on her love life!


*Weight Loss – The power of hypnosis for Weight Loss!
How Hypnosis can be used to help you lose weight!


*Weight Loss – Shirley’s breakthrough!
How Hypnosis can be used to help you lose weight!


*What is Hypnosis? Do you have concerns?
Shirley tells you her experience!


*Better Your Career! – How intuitive counseling can help you!
Testimonial for Cynthia’s intuitive counseling!


*The Power of Take Ten!
Ellen tells us how powerful the Take Ten series of books are – and how they have helped her and her daughter!


*A True Intuitive!
Ellen tells why Cynthia’s intuitive counseling is so special!


*DISCLAIMER: Results may vary from person to person.

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